Sunday, 10 July 2011


So, SonniesEdge and I were talking last night about the frankly horrific state of affairs in mainstream women's magazines, and decided we'd quite like a bit of direct action against the body fascism, body shaming and crap sex advice they give. So, we're just testing the waters with this, but here's what we'd like to do:

Date: Mid-September

Target: National Magazines HQ - they own Cosmo, Company, Reveal etc.

Plan: We'd like to see people dressed as beauticians outside the HQ, offering "You look fucking great" cards out to all passers by, possibly a "free makeover" booth where we do nothing, because nothing needs to be done, and some placards mocking the cover splashes of the magazine ("What men find hot: Confidence and bodily autonomy", etc)

Inclusivity: This is an all inclusive event. These magazines do not only marginalise and shame women who don't want to buy into their "ideal women", but also women of colour, L/B women and all trans* people. Men are also encouraged to be there, because the magazines peddling of this fascistic ideal also reflects badly on them.

What to do: This is NOT a concrete plan. We are testing the waters. If enough people are up for it, it's all systems go. So, let me know if you're interested in the comments section, and also let me know any suggestions you might have. If there's enough interest we'll finalise all details and plans and create a FB event and so on.


  1. This. Very this. Can we do this? Please?

    Every single day I worked at the reception at a college beauty salon, I could see those magazines, and they made me want to throw up.

  2. Hell to the yes, how can I help?!

  3. At BFN we took on lad's mags a couple of years ago with some direct action - here's what happened:

  4. sounds like a good idea. one of my last wishes will be that i am cremated along back issues of grazia, cosmo, GQ and all the other fucking shite magazines that brain wash people into accepting that they are flawed and that we should hero worship vacuous tossers.

    religion is no longer the opium of the people rather it is Heat fucking magazine.

  5. I'm late to this party, but a big vote of yes from me!

  6. Is this a London thing? I ay be up for it if I can arrange to get there :)