Thursday, 8 March 2012


I love International Women's Day. It's basically Christmas for feminists. This year I'm hoping Solanas Claus brings me some E-Z Burn bras and some genuine emasculated bollocks as earrings. Then we're all going to sit down together to eat whichever man first crossed our path this morning, drink baby blood and be merry.

Joking aside, I bloody do love IWD. It's a great time to celebrate the achievements made by women and get all mushy-eyed about how great feminists are. Yeah, there's some problems. Yeah, we're still way behind on where we should be after this many years of feminist campaigning (not helped by the fact that misogynists keep shifting the goalpoasts - now women in America have to justify not only abortion, but also birth control? In 2012?!), and yes, there are some parts of the feminist scene I really dislike (*side-eyes Jezebel*), but FUCKDAMMIT WE'RE AWESOME.

So, accordingly, I'm going to try and give you a present today. This is going to come in a few parts - first, a blogroll of some of my most-read feminist sites, then my favourite feminist Twitter accounts, then some links to posts about great feminist music and then a SUPER-FUN BONUS GAME which is my gift to all the brilliant lady-bloggers out there.

(Disclaimer: I compiled these lists by looking at who I follow on Twitter. If I'm not sure where someone writes, or they write for multiple sites, I've included their Twitter handle rather than a site. If you're in this category and would like to have a site linked to you, let me know on Twitter. If I've not included you anywhere, it's not because I think you're a shitty feminist, it's because I think you're awesome for other reasons. Or I forgot you, because I'm rubbish. Again, get in touch and I'll rectify this. If I haven't included you because I don't follow you on Twitter, please feel free to add links to your blogs in the comments section - I'd love to see them.)


Groups/Campaigns/Events on Twitter
Brilliant Twitter Feminists

Also, this International Women's Day should be a time to celebrate fuckawesome music made by women. So here's some posts I wrote about brilliant female bands, which you should go look up right now.

Now, it's present time! Here I give to you, my wonderful feminist friends and inspirations, the Official Forty Shades of Grey Feminist Website Commenter Bingo Card!

Use it wisely, and keep smashing at that patriarchy. You're all fantastic :)


  1. thank you! and you should be on your own list and every other amazing tweeter blogger list too xx

  2. I'd love to see Pandagon added to the blogroll. Amanda Marcotte is my favourite feminist writer at the moment, for all that I know controversy has been attached to her name in the past.

  3. @Marina - I've got her Twitter account in the second set of links. This is for a couple of reasons - she writes at several different sites (Alternet, Daily Kos, Pandagon etc) and also tweets lots of great links and, because, like you mention, she's been a controversial figure in the past. It seemed like the best option to use.

  4. You could probably make three or four different bingo boards for this.

    I just got told to chill out and go do some cleaning.

  5. Gonna take a break from work to do some serious following right now.