Thursday, 10 November 2011

Telling Channel 4 To Do One

This is a guest post by my younger sister

Channel 4 have decided that the new year should bring a new programme titled 'Make Bradford British'. It will be a Big Brother style TV show where contestants from different ethnic minorities are forced to live together for a 'radical social experiment'. 

Apart from stating that they chose Bradford because it is one of the most 'racially segregated cities in Europe' (massive overexagerration), it has also chosen some of its contestants from the group of people who did not pass the standard criteria test (ratings!).

All I can see this doing is stirring up tension where we need it least. This programme is playing straight into the hands of racists.

Many people, myself included, feel that Bradford has moved on from times of the riots, and yes we do have areas of a certain minority here, but what city doesn't? Chinatown in London? Chapeltown in Leeds?

Oh wait, those cities don't have a very volatile recent past do they? That's what brings the money in, I forgot!

This show has been chosen to air by some ninny down south, who doesn't know what its like living here, who thinks they can decide how people feel, and as soon as it all goes tits up and the racist views re-surface, can just scarper back down there.

I've emailed the show telling them what I think, and I'm asking you all to do the same. It takes 5 minutes, and you get a reply too. 

What happened to seeing if social minorities can live together by LEAVING THEM TO IT?
So please, lets try stop this rancid show being aired just to cause trouble.

Channel 4, DO ONE.


  1. Yikes, you know Channel 4 are just doing it in a desperate attempt to whip up a media frenzy, when some idiot house mate will inevitably call another a sand nigger or something. No such thing as bad publicity, and all that.

    The citizenship test is a big bag of bullshit too. I took it and got 29%, despite being "native" English. There is this persistent theory that immigrants aren't integrating, in the sense that they aren't acting "British" enough. I hate soccer, does that make me less British? Christ on a bike, so what?

  2. Hi Nat, I'm quite a fan of yours and a regular follower of your blog. Just wanted to let you know that I've linked to your blog from my own:
    Hope you're ok with that.