Friday, 20 April 2012

Help a sister out! (INTERSECT update)

Time flies - INTERSECT is now less than a month away! As expected, planning has gone into hyperdrive. There's loads of stuff to be done - and here's how you can help us out:

1) Do you know any BSL interpreters in the Bristol area who might be interested in donating an hour of their time? Travel expenses will be paid, but since INTERSECT is a non-profit event, I can't offer anything more. This would really help us to be accessible to a lot more people.

2) Could you volunteer to work the door for an hour or two? You will get free entry if you do! I'm looking for 3-5 people to do this, as I will need to be in the conference room organising things.

3) Do you want to buy advertising space in the programme? It's now only £10/half page - email for more information.

4) Would you or a group you're affiliated with be interested in telling your story about feminism and intersectionality in the programme? I'm looking for written pieces around 300-800 words long. Get in touch at if you are. (Contributions may be anonymous/pseudononymous.)

5) Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and tell all your friends about how good it's going to be! 

6) BUY TICKETS - we need YOU to make this awesome!

Thanks to everyone who's offered help/donations/advice/a patient ear so far, you're all brilliant and I couldn't have got this far without you.

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