Thursday, 13 January 2011

One Month Before Heartbreak

One Month Before Heartbreak is a three-day mass-blogging event created by @BrokenOfBritain@Funkyfairy22 and @BendyGirl* , in addition to many others who have helped out. It is designed to increase awareness of the current consultations about reform to Disability Living Allowance, which end on February 14. DLA is further explained here.

(*Links go to blogs and not Twitter pages, but I thought it would be useful to put them here in case you wanted to follow them)

One Month Before Heartbreak will feature blogs, pictures, poems and music about living with disabilities, and what the proposed cuts could mean.

Speaking as a person who is fortunate enough to not have to rely on DLA, or other benefits, due to a random act of nature, I find the proposed cuts repulsive. So for my contribution to One Month Before Heartbreak, I'm going to post some pictures of the current Cabinet, looking like the odious, smirking, hypocritical bastards that they truly are. After I've angried up your blood, I'll post some links to other One Month Before Heartbreak posts that are written by the people who will be affected, and I urge you ALL to go read them, RT them, Share them on Facebook, link them in your own blogs and do whatever you can to spread the word. You might even want to create your own piece. If you do, stick a link in my comments section. I'll be updating the links as often as I can throughout the event, so be sure to check back.

Now, here are 'your' government, in all its rich, smug, glory:

 David Cameron

 Eric Pickles

 Caroline Spelman

 David Willetts

 Kenneth Clarke

 Iain Duncan Smith

 Liam Fox

 Cheryl Gillan

 Michael Gove

 William Hague

 Philip Hammond

 Jeremy Hunt

 Andrew Lansley

 Theresa May

 Andrew Mitchell

 Gideon Osborne

Owen Paterson

Is it just me thinking that the quote of the cuts should actually be "You're all in this together"? Anyway, these are the smirking gits who are making the decisions to screw over disadvantaged members of society in order to satisfy their rich, tax-dodging, greedy mates. Now that you've had chance to reflect on what reprehensible scumbags they are, it's time for you to read the stories of those who will be affected.



You may wonder why I only posted pictures of Conservative MPs above. Well, it's because the Lib Dems can actually look sorry for being such epic gits:

 Danny Alexander

 Vince Cable

 Chris Huhne

Michael Moore

However, when it comes to pictures of Lib Dems looking sick at the vile cuts they've unleashed on the vulnerable and undeserving of this country, Nick Clegg takes the prize:

Right, so have a great time reading all the posts from the One Month Before Heartbreak guys, remember to check back for more links - and PLEASE, let's do something about these awful, awful cuts before it's too late.


  1. Good stuff, a nice collection of smarmy pictures.

    Here is my entry -

    Let's do this!

  2. (sharp intake of breath!!) - the pictures look like the cast list of The League of Gentlemen...

    Perhaps this is a stealthy way to boost up the big society - after all, we are supposed to have a shortage of doctors so perhaps we can get the Brownies and Guides involved with carrying out medicals (those with a first aid badge of course) I'll bet they'd do it for free.

  3. nice post~seeing those photos have me all fired up again...and making my headache worse!
    linked to my blog mow and hope the Nirvana was good :)

  4. Your grisly photo-parade has gone straight to
    No. 1 in my 'Fantasy Crimewatch'.

  5. Not forgetting of course it was all started by that smarmy new labour, you could place a set of pictures of brown lot or Blair's and they look the same. Brown stated DLA was a wasted benefit not well targeted it was to expensive, in other words he could use the money for something else.

    To day the lady with a disabled daughter, Cameron comes out about his child how heart felt he was, did not believe a word of it, but now a few minutes ago they asked Miliband who came out with the proud answer, I'm not really interested in this, I'm more interested in the NHS, great speak mate total ass hole.

  6. I'm not quite sure what you're aiming at here, Robert. This post was just to try to draw more attention towards the OMBH blogswarm. I get the feeling that you don't like Labour too much, but they're not the ones bringing these cuts in. If they were, I'd have blogged about them instead.

    I won't lie, I was tempted to delete your comment (mainly because it took me three readings to work out what it was you were saying). However, in the interests of free (if rambling) speech, I'll leave it up.

  7. Sorry if you do not like people saying what they feel, but sadly after 44 years in labour I can say what I like, as for you not putting up my so called rants it's your bloody blog.